Our Vision

Ko Kesavan Trust - We envision promoting high-quality education to students of all ages and uplifting their education scenario for the global landscape.

Our Mission

In our country, access to education is different for different sections of people. Children from marginalized communities and those who are economically weaker need additional support to fully utilize the existing education infrastructure.

Ko. Kesavan strongly believed that access to education could transform the younger generation into progressive thinkers and problem solvers. Also, raising the education standards to match the global market is a must for the holistic development of society. He also believed that global exposure to knowledge could also instill empathy, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge among the students, forging them into better citizens of a nation.

The primary goal of establishing Ko. Kesavan trust is to identify such deserving students in our society and support them in their educational journey by training them on industrial skills with high demand, providing scholarships to participating in the international education infrastructure, facilitating international collaboration between research institutes and our research candidates, and a lot more.


Basic education

To work with educational institutions and give students fee concessions and other educational aids for their educational pursuits.

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To collaborate with renowned educational institutions and streamline the channels of education a student can access to. This also constitutes fee concessions and other educational aids that help our vision.

Skill-based training

To enhance the industrial skills of the educated and unemployed youth in rural areas by providing vocational training and conducting various workshops, seminars, and coaching programmes.

Promote Tamil Literature

To get the next generation of people to get in touch with their culture. We do this by compiling, printing, and publishing some of the best works in Tamil literature to fuel our ambitious goal.

Motivate young talents

To identify the unique talents and achievements of the younger generation in the field of academia, sports, art, etc., and facilitate them to go beyond the mark.

Research aids

To provide stipends and infrastructural support and connect potential candidates with leading institutions to facilitate their research/work.

Betterment of Life

To promote and create awareness among people to lead a holistically better life by uplifting their quality of life in all aspects- education, physical and mental health, basic amenities, and much more.

Ko Kesavan Trust




Founder's Message


In our experience working with a multi-gen workforce, we understand that the younger generation has got the determination to excel in their respective industries but often falls short when it comes to matching the standards of the global market. With the right guidance and directing them toward an “Innovation first” approach, the next generation will meet and excel the international expectations and bring a drastic change to the lifestyle of the upcoming generations.









Ko Kesavan Books

தமிழ்ச்சமூக வரலாறு(இலக்கியம்), தலித்தியம், மார்க்சியம் by Ko.Kesavan books is now available on our website! yours now!

தமிழ்ச்சமூக வரலாறு
840 பக்கங்கள்

RS. 400/-

952 பக்கங்கள்

RS. 450/-

860 பக்கங்கள்

RS. 410/-

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